Our art tours go well beyond what is typically found in most guided trips.  We Offer you both the richness and passion of art as well as afternoons customized to your specific interests.  You will be rewarded with time to explore the city, shop, paint, photograph, relax with a massage, sit at a café, listen to music, exercise, dance, take a cooking class or more.  Your investment allows you to experience a cultural and personal awakening like never before.


You’ll travel by chartered van, bus, metro, or sometimes by boat. You’ll experience the culture in an informed intimate way—such that you’ll quickly feel at home. We visit famous old art works as well as dive into startling originality of contemporary art.

Most mornings you’ll go to visit museums or cultural sites and I share what I know about a painting, sculpture or installation.  Visits will include: Boat Ride on the Seine, Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin, Musée Picasso, Chateau de Fontainebleau, Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée de’Art Moderne, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Giverny (Monet’s home and studio.) You will learn about the history of the time and how artists worked then. You’ll feel good knowing how accessible, relevant and meaningful the works are today. You ask questions and take extra time viewing.  You can also return later.

We break for lunch.

In the afternoons, as mentioned, your time is customized to meet your desires— personally designed for you and your interests. You can take a few hours to explore the city, or people watch, or go shopping or enjoy a spa. You can take a dance or cooking class.

The time is yours as defined.  You’re free to draw, paint or photograph, or shoot video. You can visit places not on our itinerary, be they inside Paris, or just outside—a short train ride away.

We serve and support you on your voyage of self-exploration. Just say yes.

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Charteris Art Tours offer a perceptual awakening—one that allows you the pleasure of down time. You sit in your favourite cafe, observing evening light move across old walls. A slight breeze, a glass of wine. A stranger looks at you. Your eyes meet momentarily.

You look away, recalling a hat you liked in that store window. It’s 18:30 already. You may meet your friend. Or not. Depends on how you feel. There’s no obligation. You know you can let decision-making slide. Now, at this point in time, you have time to reflect and day-dream—almost like a teen.

Europe’s old cities offer so much to their citizens as well as to tourists. You’ll be immersed in a flow of life, living at a different tempo, noticing different rhythms and ways of being. You’re given a sensory immersion in another culture.

Stand and gaze. Let the blue in a painting become a source of feeling you didn’t know you had; let movement in a still sculpture leave you in awe. Let the art of today wow your spirit. Or watch elementary school children quietly drawing in a museum. Stop to observe an appealing window display of coats and belts—elegant and sensual ready to wear. Fashion is art.

You’ll feel aware and informed as to certain customs—what to do, what not to do. Your senses will awaken to new sights and sounds and smells. You’re alert to how you adapt to this new environment.

Amazing how quickly it becomes familiar, you think. You notice you’ve changed in a few days. So soon. Who knew?

Give yourself a gift of time—time for you in a place less familiar. It’s transformational.

Come with us.


Possible excursions outside of scheduled trips:

A list of excursions inside and outside Paris is provided, places such as Versailles, Chartres, La Sainte Chapelle, Notre-Dame de Paris, Malmaison, Les Jardins de Saint-Cloud, Musée National de Ceramique de Sevres—to name a few. We’ll help you with directions and more.

Cafes, restaurants, parks, English bookstores and so much more will also be listed with all necessary information.