Emily Choi

Wardrobe and Prop Stylist at Alpine Stylist, LLC., Boulder, CO

My time with Frances in Paris was one of the most memorable and culturally rich excursions of my life. Not only did she play an amazing hostess to the art of Paris, she also introduced me to aspects of the culture there that are hidden from your average tour guide or book. Her extensive knowledge of Parisian art, music, and life made her a wonderful guide to the most popular attractions in the City of Light. She also made excellent personal recommendations tailored to my own interests. Paris holds a special place in my heart. I cannot imagine a better person to experience the city with.

Darcie Carr

Director of Safari Planning at The Wild Source

Frances is gifted at revealing hidden source and depth within artwork as well as the individual. Her thirst for knowledge, inspiration, creativity, and connection are her tools to share deeper meaning.

Through the lens of Art History, my exploration of Paris with Frances served as a parallel journey of self-discovery. In the way of great teachers, her technique allows space for her travelers to interpret and realize their truth independently. Her encouragement, passion, compassion, and strength of character served as a foundation of trust and respect, which allowed us to experience Paris in a spirit of open exploration.

My time in Paris was as humbling as it was empowering, and when I reflect on my path in life, it is clear when the seed was planted. Frances’ teachings and the backdrop of Paris were the canvas to create inspiration in our own lives.

Melissa Framer Black, M.A.

Graduate Teaching Associate, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Arizona State University

During the summer of 2010, I embarked on an unforgettable summer trip to Paris, France. Looking back on this experience I can so clearly see how the trip was transformative and helped shaped me into the woman I am today…and it’s because of Frances.

She helped me learn to relax and live life like a Parisian… I guess you could say I developed a joie de vivre. Frances’ curiosity toward the world is contagious. I can truly say that when I returned home to the US I felt like I brought home a bit of her, and ever since, my world is more colorful, more romantic, and more playful. I’m dying to go again—but this time—bring my husband!

Stephanie King Thompson, M.A

Tenured Educator and Coach, grade 7, Prairie Middle School, Cherry Creek District, Denver

As an artist, my learning and growth with Frances forced me to rethink my creative endeavors, going from timid and limited to bold and effective! Her knowledge of art history is deeply rooted in her own authentic passion for the subject. Frances desires to empower as she educates. She is an educator with a solid legacy of successful pedagogy in every sense of the word. Mindful of a myriad perspectives and experiences she offers her heart and home as a friend, colleague and mentor. My life changed when I met Frances in 2002. Over a decade ago, she opened my eyes to the world & art in a prolific and profound way. I have yet to travel with her but plan to summer 2017! If you are considering any travel with Frances be prepared for a transformative and intimate excursion.

Elizabeth Eichholz

Director, Business Development at Bruce Silverstein Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.

Frances’ program struck a delicate and important balance of structure and fluidity, which allowed us to experience so much without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  Five weeks flew by, but I later felt I was there for at least six months! We stuck to a very specific plan— perfect in scope—filled with the best museums, delightful parks and many authentic restaurants. There was room for improvisation—for going with the flow. Frances’s ‘insider’ knowledge of the city was crucial, and her love for Paris infectious.  A favorite memory was Marché Mouffetard where we scooped up provisions to make an authentic French Sunday meal.  I can still smell the roast chicken on the rotisserie.  In retrospect that time in Paris cemented my love affair with the city of lights, one that led to career choices enabling me to travel there a few weeks each year.  Every time I return memories come flooding back from an experience that made an indelible impact on my life.

Jade Gutierrez

Adjunct, Department of Art & Art History, University of Colorado, Boulder

My time in Madrid has become a defining moment in my life. It is a time I look back to as one of the most beautiful, life-altering experiences I have ever had. I experienced a wealth of music, dance, art, and Spanish culture. I also found peace; when I finally went home after nearly two months, Spain and the Spanish people had moved into a place in my heart I never realized I had before. Thank you to Frances for showing me how to find treasures an unfamiliar country has to offer. She is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and insightful women I have ever had the pleasure to travel with. She encouraged me to learn new things, go to new places, and strike out on my own. I would never have known Spain as I came to know it without Frances as my guide and friend. Without her I would never have seen the way the light pours over Madrid in the early morning.

Jerraud Coleman

Performance Improvement Specialist, City of Denver

I’ve known Frances Charteris for well over a decade. She is an unbelievable teacher, guide, facilitator, empath and friend. She surprises you, overwhelms you, and challenges you to think outside of yourself. She connects minds and ideas. She teaches you how to live and breathe art passionately. She’s honest, critical and constructive. But most importantly, she easily enhances your understanding of art and your relationship to it.

Mark McCoin

Assistant Professor, Music and New Media, University of Texas, San Antonio

With Frances’s guidance and support, I was able to find something in myself that I didn’t know existed. The discovery moved me to the next level in my work. Working with Frances opened up the foundations for a creative life path that I have been on ever since – and rather successfully!

Frances is someone who can bring out the best in you. She creates a safe and secure environment to explore newfound perspectives. I would highly recommend taking a journey with Frances: it will be a memorable, and potentially life changing experience.

Rea Boldan

Artist, Boulder, CO

Frances is an energetic and highly cultured guide. Her knowledge of French and of Paris itself made me feel like I had an insider’s perspective therefore did not feel like a tourist. Her sharp intellect combined with her innate understanding of art made for a rich and rewarding experience. She has a great sense of humor as well as a natural curiosity about people that makes her an excellent host!

Esme Kundanis-Grow

Oakland based dance artist and Teacher http://www.ekgrow.com/

I remember the first time I sat down one on one with Frances. We were in the Musée d’Orsay’s cafeteria sharing a meal and discussing the connection between Art Nouveau and Loïe Fûller after a recent tour. As we talked, I realized how comfortable I felt in her presence and how much I appreciated her ability to flow between leader and friend at any time. I will never forget the way she led us through the Musée Rodin—as though ushering us through another door that unveiled inner most truth and story of each sculpture we viewed.

Her passion in guiding me through the exhibit Elles at Centre Pompidou remains a source of inspiration. Her fire and connection to the art creates a hunger to know and a confidence to reach your highest potential. She always gives you the space to reflect after a tour, and in that time, you witness how far you have extended outside your normal radius. You now realize how motivated you are to seek new perspectives and relationships to your own art.

I spent 6 incredible weeks exploring the City of Light, feeling well supported throughout the extent of my stay thanks to her leadership and care.

Amber Smith

Fashion Designer, Chelsea St. Martins, London, England

Frances knows Paris like a Parisian, both in terms of its geography and culture, and is able to provide a personal, comforting experience in the City of Light.  As a guide, she speaks about art conversationally, with an insightful ease, bringing depth and richness to museum visits. Her knowledge is extensive, unbound by any particular period or movement.  Frances deepened my understanding of Neoclassical and Romantic works at the Louvre, exposed us to early silent film, facilitated a trip to Monet’s home and gardens, and also recommended contemporary galleries.  Some of my personal highlights of the trip include a visit to the Musée Rodin and its beautiful sculpture gardens, as well as an Annette Messager retrospective at the Centre Pompidou. I look back fondly on nights of wine and laughter at the wine shop down the street from where we stayed.  A wonderful, enriching experience.